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Why People Love Cosmetic Surgery

A lot of people choose to get cosmetic surgery for many reasons. Some want to look younger while others seek to change a feature they’ve never liked in whatever part of their body. The decision is most of the time personal. Here at Dr. Thanh Nguyen, the trusted Plastic Surgery in Westminster, California, we make … Continue reading

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Choosing the Breast Enhancement Method for You

Enhancing the shape or size of your breast can be achieved through breast augmentation. Because of the new methods developed in the field of plastic surgery, you can now get your dream breast shape or size without necessarily having implants. Our breast enhancement in California offers two different methods that you can choose from. Depending … Continue reading

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Self-Confidence: Does Female Genital Plastic Surgery Help?

Many women experience a natural loss in tone and tightness due to hormonal changes, age, or childbirth. Though many people say that women should still feel confident with their bodies even with the changes they undergo with childbirth and age, many women feel significantly less confident about their bodies and themselves due to the loss … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why Plastic Surgery Has Become Popular as of Late

It’s on the radio, TV, and internet. But why has plastic surgery become a growing demand among the masses? If you’ve wondered about that for quite some time now, then this blog post should help answer the queries in your mind. Here are the top reasons as to why plastic surgery has become popular: It’s … Continue reading

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Freezers and Fillers: The New Big Thing in Cosmetic Surgery?

On the mention of cosmetic surgery, you would immediately think of surgical operations such as facelifts, tummy tucks, breast enlargement, and other procedures that require incising parts of our bodies in order to enhance a feature. Some of you may even be interested in attaining the results of these cosmetic procedures but fear the process … Continue reading

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5 Important Things You Must Consider Before Getting a Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has become a constantly growing fad in the recent years. Many movie stars and famous personalities have now stepped forward, proud of how plastic surgery has changed their life. While this topic may have been taboo a couple of decades back, it has now become something that is much more socially accepted. And … Continue reading

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