Self-Confidence: Does Female Genital Plastic Surgery Help?

Self-Confidence Does Female Genital Plastic Surgery Help

Many women experience a natural loss in tone and tightness due to hormonal changes, age, or childbirth. Though many people say that women should still feel confident with their bodies even with the changes they undergo with childbirth and age, many women feel significantly less confident about their bodies and themselves due to the loss of tone and tightness below.

Dr. Thanh Nguyen, a highly qualified plastic surgeon in Westminster, California, offers female genital plastic surgery that can help boost self-esteem and confidence in numerous women who feel less than comfortable with the changes that their body has gone through over the years. For the countless women considering this procedure, there are countless benefits that make this surgery especially appealing, such as:

  • Procedures are personalized according to your individual needs
    Every woman is different, which is why we personalize our procedure according to your individual needs. There are different types of female genital plastic surgeries available, including clitoral hood reduction, vaginoplasty, labiaplasty, labia majoraplasty, and more. Dr. Thanh Nguyen will take the time to discuss your options with you and he will also listen to your exact needs to ensure that you get the best results possible.
  • Healing of pain and discomfort
    Many women who seek female genital plastic surgery feel some pain and discomfort during intimacy. They undergo this procedure to correct the damage done to their private area, be it due to age, childbirth, or hormonal changes. Stretched out muscle and sagging skin can make it painful during intimacy and a genital plastic surgery can help restore structure, tone, and control.
  • Improved sexual experience
    One of the biggest losses that women experience as their vaginal walls become weakened is a loss of sensitivity and intimate pleasure. Most women also become self-conscious about how their partner is enjoying intimacy. They begin to worry that their loose vaginal wall is making the experience less pleasurable for both parties. Through female genital plastic surgery, the vaginal muscles can be tightened which restores lost sensitivity, therefore improving sexual experience. With this procedure, we can restore the pleasures of intimacy again.

Our plastic surgery procedures in California, such as our female genital plastic surgery, are designed to help you feel like yourself again and more comfortable in your own skin. Give us feedback on how we can help you today!

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