Asian Eyelid Surgery (“Double Eyelid”)

Asian Eyelid Surgery in Westminster, California

Asian Eyelid SurgeryAsian eyelid surgery, or Asian double eyelid surgery, is a procedure that creates a fold in the upper eyelids. Asian eyelid surgery produces permanent eyelid creases that can draw attention to the eyes and improve the appearance of the whole face.

About 50 percent of the Asian population lack a natural fold just above the lashes in the upper eyelid, more commonly called a “double eyelid.”

Asian eyelids, even those with a natural upper lid crease, are quite different from Caucasian eyelids. An Asian upper eyelid crease widens until the middle of the eye and then runs parallel to the edge of the eyelid, whereas a Caucasian upper eyelid crease is more of a deep, upside-down “U” shape. Rather than westernizing the eyelids, Dr. Thanh Nguyen recreates the Asian eyelid crease to give Asian patients natural-looking double eyelid creases.

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