The Rationale Behind the Rise of The Asian Eyelid Surgery

The Rationale Behind the Rise of The Asian Eyelid Surgery

Out of the numerous reconstructive procedures nowadays, the Asian eyelid surgery ranks among the top. This particular procedure can create a fold in the upper eyelids, which actually makes the eyes look rounder and more vibrant.

Here are some of the top reasons why there are more women, especially in Asian countries, who prefer to have this surgery first over other procedures such as breast enhancement in California:

  • For Self-Confidence
    Most Asians – particularly Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans – have naturally small eyes, which make them look lackluster. With the Asian eyelid surgery, they can make their eyes appear rounder, which is actually in line with the beauty standards of those countries.
  • To Get a Job in The Acting Industry
    It isn’t a rule, but many people who are aiming to have a job in the entertainment industry go through the eyelid surgery simply because they believe that they can get better acting jobs if they have double eyelids.
  • To Use Better Eyeshadows
    There are a lot of wonderful eyeshadow palettes out there, and having monolids aren’t really ideal to enjoy all of those palettes. People who are makeup enthusiasts know that having double eyelids is much better it allows them to fully use their favorite eye shadow makeup.

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