How Would You Know Your Labia Looks Normal?

How Would You Know Your Labia Looks Normal?

The labia, or more commonly referred to as “vaginal lips,” is the fleshy outer layer of your vulva. And because it comes in different shapes, sizes, and colors, a lot of people worry that their genitalia don’t look the way that it should. But when you stop to really think about it, how should a normal labia look like anyway? Down below, we have prepared a set of answers to the questions that you might have in mind.

  • What shape should it be?
    If you’re worried that your intimate parts don’t look similar to the ones you’ve seen before, don’t worry. Every labium is unique. It may appear with asymmetrical inner lips, curved outer lips, small open lips, etc. There is no distinct way that it should look. However, if you feel self-conscious about it, you can consult about it with Dr. Thanh Nguyen.
  • What color should it have?
    Often, both sets of your labia may be a shade darker than the skin surrounding it. But, in truth, there is really no standard color for the labia. In some cases, women have a pinkish or purplish labia. Others may also have one that has a browner or redder shade.
  • Should you get labiaplasty?
    The answer will depend on your personal case. Before making a final decision, it is important that you ask a medical professional about it. There is no need to rush. Reconstructive Surgery in Westminster California is readily available when you need it. And as you may know, it comes in many forms. One of them, being labiaplasty.

The aim of this procedure is quite simple. It will reshape the form of your labia to make it look more trim and aesthetically pleasing.

If you’d like to know whether this procedure is a right fit for your needs, reach out to us for a consultation and our Plastic Surgeon will attend to your inquiries. We’d be more than happy to direct you to the right solution for your needs. Aside from labiaplasty, we have other procedures which you can take advantage of too.

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