Getting Plastic Surgery Abroad? 3 Things to Consider

Getting Plastic Surgery Abroad? 3 Things to Consider

The lull of plastic surgery abroad has been quite strong as it promises much lower prices compared to what you would pay here in the U.S., but… is it worth going through? In order to come up with an informed decision on the topic, you should first…

  1. Review the Accreditation of the Surgeon and Facility
    Of course, there are international accreditations given to clinics, but is that information really enough? Be sure to check on the standards for infection control, equipment sterilization practices, as well as, the skill of the plastic surgeon. Knowing these will allow you to better determine if you should trust these establishments with your health and money.
  2. Facilitate the Travel Plan
    How do you plan on getting back home after the procedure is done? Traveling may be cheaper, but it will most likely place you at an added disadvantage. Just think about the other passengers who will be coughing and sneezing in a confined space with you while your immunity is still weak from surgery.
  3. Plan the Recovery Period
    Plastic surgeries are not something you can be quickly over with. While recuperating, you will need ongoing care… and that can be particularly pricey. Play it safe by checking in with your insurance company so you are aware of the amount you will need to pay out of pocket before getting surgery abroad. Or, you can save yourself the trouble and have your plastic surgery done locally and safely by an experienced professional like Dr. Thanh Nguyen instead.

Why travel when you can get what you need right here?

Plastic surgery and Reconstructive Surgery in Westminster California is more available than you think it is. Plus, it’s more convenient and cost-efficient too, since you don’t have to travel back and forth just to have things done. In our care, you can rest assured that all the items in your checklist will be ticked off.

Of course, it will all start with a consultation. Tell us, what type of plastic surgery did you have in mind?

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