How Facial Implants Are Performed

How Facial Implants Are Performed

A facial implant is a method of plastic surgery in Westminster, California, used to balance or enhance the appearance of the face via sculpted prostheses. Normally, your doctor will use substances such as silicone, synthetic polymers, or composites; some allowing your tissues to grow into the implant. Here are some of the approaches:

  • Chin implant
    This will require an inside-mouth incision to the crease between your lower gum and lower lips. Other reconstructive procedures are incisions under the chin.
  • Cheek implant
    For this method, the inside-mouth incision will be in the crease between the cheek and the upper gum. An alternate approach is an incision in the hairline or inside the lower eyelid.
  • Jaw implant
    The inside-mouth incision will be in the crease between the cheek and the lower gum.
  • Forehead implant
    The incision will be in the hairline.
  • Nose implant
    This implant will require a minimally invasive incision inside the nostrils or an open incision in the columella, which is the tissue strip between the nostrils and above the upper lip.

During the process, your doctor will either use general anesthesia putting you in deep sleep or local anesthesia with sedation where you feel awake but feeling no pain.

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