Discomforts that Might Require Labiaplasty

Discomforts that Might Require Labiaplasty

Every vagina, or vulva, is unique. There are a lot of myths surrounding how it should smell like, look like, or even how much hair it should have, but none of these are scientific. The odor, size, and shape of the vagina are distinct for everyone.

Labiaplasty is an operation done on the labia (mostly the labia minora) for a variety of reasons. Due to the vagina’s unique nature, a plastic surgeon is not always required to perform surgery on the labia. However, some issues cause discomfort, and in this case, a labiaplasty may be helpful. Here are a few of the common situations.

  • The labia minora was injured or torn
    Childbirth, among other things, can cause this. Many women experience pain because there is an injury.
  • The labia causes discomfort during intercourse or exercise
    Some labia are too fleshy and has many folds, which can affect a person’s activities.
  • It’s part of sex reassignment operation
    The whole process of transitioning from male to female is extremely uncomfortable. Labiaplasty follows vaginoplasty during sex reassignment.

Dr. Thanh Nguyen specializes in reconstructive surgery in Westminster, California. He is a highly-qualified surgeon who can perform labiaplasty not only for cosmetic purposes but also for functional improvement. He is a trusted surgeon who puts his clients’ comfort first.

Our clinic is open to anyone who wishes to have reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. We also take pride in providing excellent surgical care in California. This was we ensure that our clients get what they expect from the surgery.

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